eng111: 2010 02 25

Posted in eng111 by bnmng on 2010 02/25

For the Cause and Effect papers, don’t describe the obvious.

Spring Break next week. Start thinking about the research paper.
Topic choice due Tuesday after Spring Break.

Our papers are going to be an argument paper. A persuasion paper is any means to convince. We cannot prove persuasion. We can prove an argument.

Critical Research Paper:
(requires proof)
(not provable)
Example: The death penalty deters crime.
Example: The death penalty is immoral.

The critical research paper is an argument paper, not a persuasion paper.

In the syllabus, items in italics with dates indicate due dates.

Assignment for 111 Critical Research Paper
1.Pick a controversial topic which would have likely generated some research material. Don’t pick no-brainer.
2.Create a working bibliography that includes at least 15 sources. This is a list of material that you can use. You probably will get rid of 2/3’s of your sources.
3.Both Sids
4.Take Notes
5.Use at least 3 sources.
a) You must site.
b) Try to paraphrase.
6.Copy one source and place an asterisk
7.Turn in your outline
8.1,000 words in MLA
9.Polish your paper
10.Type your paper and submit it by April 27, 2010.

Drill twelve
Jeanine is a girl who
customers: their
children ponies which
Lawrence that
jury its *** depends on usage. If describing individuals acting independently, then “they”.
the man: that
The group .. its..
Pam has a cat which…

Drill thirteen
A person should do whatever he…
Everyone voiced his..
One of the hourses broke its…
Several of us wanted our..
… pacifists paid his…
… us girls must take her…
no one could find his…
the people … agreed to cast their…
anyone forget his …
Neigher the husband nor the wife …. their..
no one … spend his ..
everybody ….their
either of the children … he
all of you were …. your
no one … his


Note your coordinating conjunctions.

Keep your forms the same in a list of items: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Exception: You can include an article in the first item and leave it out of the others: The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
Ralph neither [likes to talk] nor [listen]. <— This has to be improved
Ralph likes neither to [talk] nor [listen]. <— One possibility
Ralph likes neither [to talk] nor [to listen]. <— Another possibility


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