eng111: library day

Posted in eng111 by bnmng on 2010 03/16

Library Resources is a better research tool than Google because Google provides too many results. Example: 27,800,000 results on global warming. No filtering.

Library Resources: Picked out resources for us.

TCC Library Catalog: Link on left bar.

Subject words are difficult because it is difficult for librarians to define. Better to use key words.

Can reserve book despite location.

For electronic material, must create account on line while using TCC computer before able to access from home.


Title List (left link from home page under Database). As a college student, we’re only looking for high quality material. Library database selects academic material.

Search by filling in key words . Can then filter results by right side-bar. Can filter using “Full Text”, to eliminate those results which only have citings. Can also filter by source using left side-bar.
After clicking on title of article, options appear in upper right corner including save as and citations. These are represented by icons, citation being the yellow page.

List of Databases: Several are on list.

Example: Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.
JSTOR: Produced by John Hopkins U.

Ask A Librarian link: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week a librarian is waiting online to answer your questions.
Flash English worksheet Due with the argument paper

TCC ID Card provides access to other college libraries. List of libraries is at the TCC library.

Can request an inter-library alone via worldcat.


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