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Homework due Thursday
Brookshear (eoc exercises): Chapter 6 : 7, 8, and 29
Bronson Chapter 6 Section 6.1 1, 2a, 6a
Sectin 6.2

Test 3 will be Next Tuesday, April 6.

Today: Bronson 6.2 Returning a simple value; 6.3 Call by reference, pass by reference.

Procedural: A jump from the normal program flow.
Advantages: Useful thinking tool. Modularizes parts of code into separate sections.

Arguments in the caller are “actual arguments”
Arguments in the header are called “formal arguments.”.

Passing arguments. Sometimes you want to pass a

You can call function which returns a value.

Our instructor doesn’t like 6.1. he Emphasizes functional cohesiveness.

When using a function we need three things: Prototype; Call; Definition. By convention, you don’t need names for the arguments in the prototype, but modern teaching includes names in the prototypes.

Also, the prototype is only needed if we define the function after

You need a return statement for any function that returns a value. If you forget your return statement, the program will compile but it will run improperly.

Parameters are passed in order. The order of parameters in the prototype, call, and definition must match.

void larger (int, int, int &);

Overloading. You can use the same name for two function that have different parameters. Example:
void something (int int);
int something (float int int&);
are two different functions.

By convention, two functions with the same name should do the same thing. The reason you would have two functions like this is because you might have to use different code for float inputs as you would for int inputs. For instance:

void divide (int numer int deno) {
int quo;
int mo;
quo=numer / deno;
mo=numer % deno;

cout << numer << "divided by " << deno << " equals " << quo << " remainder " << mo << endl;


void divide (float numer float deno) {
float quo;

quo=numer / deno;

cout << numer << "divided by " << deno << " equals " << quo << endl;


Using dummy variables inside functions.


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