eng111: Research Paper Outline

Posted in eng111 by bnmng on 2010 04/11

A strong federal government is in keeping with the beliefs of many of
our founding fathers, benefits American’s quality of life while making
our country stronger, and is even more important now than it was before
modern advances in communication, transportation, and weaponry.

I. The message which states that the founding fathers generally agreed to a minimalist federal government is a lie that has been spread by supporters of such a government.
A. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson famously sparred on this issue.
B. Washington and Madison supported a strong central government

II. A weak central government causes a weak nation.
A. The South could not fight cohesively because their business model prevented it.
B. The great world powers; Egypt, Rome, Great Britain, the US, where/are not loosely formed confederations.

III. A strong central government – If it’s a true republic – better serves it’s people.

IV. The motivation behind State’s Rights is the circumvention of Civil Rights
A. Despite revisionist assertions, Slavery was one of the primary reasons Southern states seceded, and was intertwined with state sovereignty
B. States Rights advocates generally disagree with equal rights legislation supported by the American majority.

V. A strong central government is more important now than it ever was.
A. Governing a large geographic is no longer as problematic as it was.
1. Taxation W/O representation occurred because of logistics.
2. The Coast Guard used to be split into Atlantic and Pacific areas, but has reorganized to become more unified.
B. Advances in transportation make it more difficult than before to enforce contraband laws when neighboring states have incompatible definitions of contraband.
C. Differing regulations among states impede interstate commerce.


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