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Posted in his122 by bnmng on 2010 08/23


Mr. Calhoun. Don’t use tcc email address. Use vccs instead.
TCC Helpdesk: 757 822-2457 M-F 8am 5pm

Homework: Will cover 23rd Through September 7th.
Read Chapter 16 (p 492-524,Chapter 17 pp 525-555 and Chapter 18 pp 556-587.
Answer For Review # 1,2,5,&6 on P 524, #1,2,4 on p 555 and #3,4,6 on P597
Bonus Point Questions (Max 20pts Each): Chapter 16 pp 495, 516, 518-519,
Chapter 17, PP 543, 546,547&548, and Chapter 18, pp 575, 582,583&585 Answer Only One set of bonus point questions per chapter. HW Test #1 is due on Wednesday 09-08 @11:00
One paragraph for a group of questions.

Early Submission bonus points if turned in on the previous class before due. One time only (because of Labor Day), counts early if in hand by Tuesday, 9:am.

Type written double space standard margins 1,1,1,1.

ON Wed the 8th, 3 chapters, turn in 3 pages. If Bonus questions, then those go on a separate paper.


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