eng 112 20100825 Notes

Posted in eng112 by bnmng on 2010 08/25

English 112

come up with your points (good claims) about your groups chosen topic (p29-30) (1-4)
Read Caves essay (p26 28) and review carefully the break down of his argument.
Answer Q number 3 as clearly and carefully as you can, but don’t do a 500 word essay. On p 29 – 30: topics of critical thinking.
Choose a topic from p 29-30. Consider opposition. Extra 10 points for best claim.

Lmk2990 Lauren
jln245 Joseph
acw2246 Alexa
cjenney0001 Chris
mdb269 Mike

Use what you learned in 111 to organize types of essays. No need to remember, look it up.


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