his122 Notes 20100825

Posted in his122 by bnmng on 2010 08/25


Monday Aug 30: Distribute Final Examination Part 1.

Wed Sep 8th: HW Test #1 is due. Course test#1 on Chapter 16, 17, 18 will be given.

Monday Setp 13th: Midterm Exam Review Questions and Memory Task will be available on Blackboard.

Wednesday Sep 22nd: HW Test 2 is due. Course test #2 on Chapter 19, 20 and 21 will be given.

Monday Sep 27: Written Assignment #1 Oral Presentations will begin. (50%) of Written #1 grade.

Wednesday Sep 29: Written Assignment #1 (The Document).

Wednesday October 6: Homework Test #3 is due at the beginning of class. Course test #3 on chapters 22 and 23 will be given.

Wednesday October 13: Midterm exam on chapters 16-23 will be given. Also Course Test #4 on chapters 24, 25, and 26 will be available on blackboard.

Monday October 18th: There will be library resource lecture at 11 at Bayside library b107. 15 Bonus points for each true copy of a printout.

Thursday October 28th 5PM: Take Home Examination 1 Early Submission (20 Bonus) Deadline.

Monday November1st 5PM: Take Home Examination 1 Second Early Submission (10 Bonus) Deadline.

Wednesday November 3rd 5PM: Final Examination part 1 is due.

Written Assignment #2 Deadlines

Monday November 8th: Written Assignment #2 five sources and topic approval deadline and sign the oral presentation reservation sheet. If you miss this deadline, you loose test grade for oral presentation.
Monday November 15th: Absolute deadline for 5 sources and research topic approval.

Wednesday November 17th: Oral presentations begin.

Monday November 22nd: Oral presentations conclude.

Wednesday Nov 24th: No attendance.

Dates to be finished next class.


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