his122 20100901 Notes

Posted in his122 by bnmng on 2010 09/01

HW #1 due Wed the 8th. Course test #1 will be rolled into #2, Wed Sept 22nd.
HW for HW Test #2: ( HW Test is always type written ). Due 09-08 through 09-21.
Read chapter 19 (pp 590-620); chapter 20 (pp 621-649); and chapter 21 (pp 650-677). Answer For Review: # 2, 3, 4, + 6 on p 620 (one page) ; #1, 3, + 7 on p 649 (one page); and #4, 5, 6, + 8 on p 677.
Bonus Point Question (max 20 points each): Chapter 19, pp 598, 600-601 & 615 (one page); Chapter 20, pp 628-629, 631 & 640; Chapter 21, pp 671-673
Answer only one set of bonus point questions per chapter. HW Test #2 is due on Wednesday 9/22/10 @ 11am.

Page for chapter 19, page for chapter 21, page for chapter 22, bonus for whichever chapter you use.

Agenda (continued Starting after 24 November ).

Monday Nov 29: Written assignment #2 is due;
Review of final exam part 2 parameters.

Wed Dec 1: Mid term exam make-up.

Mon Dec 6: Last day of instruction & last day of office hours.

Wednesday Dec 8th at 10:AM to 11:30: Final exam (grades in system within 24 hours).

Standardization of America
Wasn’t easy to achieve. What was achieved came at great price.
How did we get here? Western Expansion.
Westward Expansion (for Europe) was initiated beginning with the European Discovery of America.
Novus Mundi: New World. Columbus, until his last days, thought he had found a route to the Far East. He did not know he had discovered the “New World”.
Europe Western Expansion was driven by people with nothing to loose. A lot of poor nobleman. Jamestown was considered the first permanent English settlement. Bacon’s Rebellion: Before Bacon’s rebellion, status quo. New settlers were coopted by land owners (also called burgesses).
Gove of VA name Berkeley, promised Natives in West that they would be able to live in peace. Bacon encroached on those territories. Governor tried to stop western expansion with force.

Western Expansion also in New England. New England was settled by people who wanted to escape religious persecution. Puritans landed in New England, intentionally avoiding Virginia.

Property was the measure of wealth (as opposed to money). Could have been land; could have been slaves. Started with indentured servitude. Individuals voluntarily served an individual for a specified period of time. Usually between 5-7 years.

Proclamation of 1763: End of French Indian war. King George III released proclamation, which said: Indians west of Appalachian Mountains were not to be encroached upon by British colonists.


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