his122 Final Exam Part 1 Questions

Posted in his122 by bnmng on 2010 09/02


Directions: You are to answer these essay questions thoroughly, sequentially, and in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Final Examination, Part One must have at least five full pages of essay responses. Your essay responses are to be typewritten (without any BOLD print!), double spaced paginated in the upper right corner, with standard margins and typeface no larger than 12 point, in either Arial Narrow or Times New Roman font exclusively. They are to be submitted with a cover page (showing your name, course number section number, course title, the days, the hours, and the room where the class meets, the due date for the assignment, and the words “FINAL EXAMINATION, PART ONE: ESSAY RESPONSES” in capital letters in the center of the cover page) and a back page, with this Final Examination sheet serving as page two according to APA format. DO NOT RETYPE THESE QUESTIONS AND INCORPORATE THEM AS PART OF YOUR ESSAY RESPONSES!!! Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in the loss of one grade per occurrence. Failure to include your numbered, ORIGINAL copy of this Final Examination, Part One essay question sheet with your essay responses will result in an automatic grade of zero. Adulteration of ANY part of this Final Examination, Part One essay question sheet will result in an automatic grade of zero. Final Examination, Part One (cover page, Final Examination, Part One essay question sheet, the essay responses, and back page) is to be securely stabled on the upper left corner and submitted in my mailbox no later than Wednesday, 3 November 2010 by 5:00PM. ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSIONS, POSITIVELY NO EXCUSES, AND ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO ESSAY RESPONSE CLONES OF THIS FINAL EXAMINATION, PART ONE WILL BE CONSIDERED!!! GOOD LUCK, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!

1.Examine the demise of the “imperial presidency” based on events or practices in the Johnson and Nixon administrations. Critically assess President Nixon’s impact on American foreign policy. Discuss the advances made by the women’s liberation movement; explain the backlash against it. What were the sources and causes of America’s economic problems of the 1970’s?

2.Discuss the variety of ways that different interest groups contested environmental policy during the 1980s. Define Reaganomics; what was its impact on the American economy and society during the 1980’s? What was the “affluence gap?” Discuss its development and impact in American society during the 1980’s. What exactly was the Iran Contra Scandal? Elaborate.

3.Compare and contrast the legal dramas of Clarance Thomas and O.J. Simpson to examine the ways that both cases revealed tensions regarding race and gender relations in American society during the 1990s. Why was President Clinton impeached? Discuss the legacies of the 2000 election.

4.Discuss how American society has changed since the 11 September 2001 terror attacks. Describe the multiple meanings of the “West;” why have these definitions changed over time.


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