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Posted in his122 by bnmng on 2010 09/08

Westward Expansion:
Factors motivating expansion:
-Financial opportunity for Europeans. At the time of European discovery of America, classes were pretty much set. Similar situations occurred after easter American settlement. Westward expansion provided opportunities for wannabe land owners.
Manifest Destiny: US is intended to expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

1862: Morill Land Grant Act and Homestead Act encouraged settlement.

Although Lincoln lost the L/D debates, he became a national figure as a result of the debates. The notoriety that he received as a result won him the presidency. The South took Lincoln’s election as a signal that Lincoln would not support the South.

Note: Bacon’s rebellion was a catalyst for instituting slavery based on race.
Note: Spanish explorers wiped out indigenous populations
Note: Slavery in New England: Mostly household slaves, also manufacturing apprenticeships Slaves were equated with property rights. In the South: plantation operations. Most Southerners were not slave-owners.
Note: Eerie canal opened central America for expansion.

People didn’t move around much.


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