csc201 20100913 Notes

Posted in csc201 by bnmng on 2010 09/13

Test Next Monday 20th
Wed 22nd: Lab

Passed out program 1 assignment.

Passed out example “simplesentinel”

Topics for class:
Chapter 6
While Loop
count control
event control
nested loops
program 1
Chapter 7
do while
for loop

A decision structure chooses a cause of action. A loop structure repeats a course of action.
while (i<=5); <– This compiles, but doesn't do anything except lock up at an infinite loop.

for a loop to work, it has to do something and it has to have a way of stopping

parts of a count control while loop: loop control variable; initialization; test; incrementation

Note: End of File loop is crucial to this course. Ensure you understand it.


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