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Posted in his122 by bnmng on 2010 09/20

Today: Review course test #1/2.

Course test covers 16 through 21.
25 Multiple Choice, 5 True and False, A choice of 1 of 3 sets of Essay Questions which cover 19, 20 and 21.

1877 America’s first big business was railroads.

Horizontal/ Vertical Monopoly.
In a horizontal monopoly, an individual or group owns all of a certain process.
In a vertical monopoly, an individual or group owns all the processes of a certain industry.

laissez faire Government Hands-off of Business.

Grady: New South: Conversion of the South to an industrial economy.

Great herds were ended by a drought 1886 and a harsh winter in 1887.

In 1880 the big issue in labor was the eight hour workday.

What factors accounted for the obsession with race in the 1890’s?
Early 1890’s most immigrants from Western Europe. Primarily Irish.

Plessey vs Furgeson: “Separate but Equal”.

Benjamin Harrison: The Human Iceberg. Defeated for re-election because of the tarrif. Opposed integration of silver. Agreed with industry to let market control silver.

Free Silver: Circulate more silver into the economy so the price will go down.
Let the market do what it will to the price of silver. Reduce the cost of silver.

Chinese exclusion act. Kept most chinese from entering the US.

Eugenics Movement: Selective Breeding. Sterilization of retarted.

Boston Mariage: Lifelong attachments formed among professional woman who where unmarried.


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