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Monday October 11th Course Test #2/3 on Chapters 22 and 23

Wed Oct 13, Mid term Exam on 16 through 23

By Wed Oct 13 Course Test #3/4 on 24, 25, and 26 will be in Blackboard.
Make sure you submit a true copy.
True Copy: 12pt Typeface in Times New Roman.

October 18th 11:00 Meet in library
Turn In Course Test #3/4 by Monday 12:30 the 18th get 50 bonus points.

Course Test # 3/4 is due on a Wednesday October 20th

Will Rogers (“I never met a man I didn’t like”)
Befriended Celebs, Royalty, etc..
Started as a cowboy of Cherokee Descent.
Never had a college education. Had a dry sense of humor.
“I don’t belong to any organized party. I’m a Democrat”
From Oklahoma.
Ziegfeld Follies. Became a movie star. 20th Century films biggest movie star.
Beloved and mourned at times of death. Noted social critic of rich and powerful.
Despite very strong opinions, was genuinely liked by people of various backgrounds.

America in 1920’s: The Roaring 20’s.
For those who had money, there was more money to be had.
for those who didn’t have money: Credit!

Cause of crash, with stocks loosing value, people wanted their money back. But people had no money because all they had was credit.

By the time the depression hit, there was already a depression for a lot of people:
like Farmers;

John Maynard Keynes: People invest in the market for profit motive. If people are unable to make money from the marking, some other institution has to step in: The Government.

Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, was the rationalization for laissez fair economics.

Scottsboro boys. 9 black men riding on a boxcar during the depression. Riding the rails, during the depression, was a dangerous thing (despite Hollywood glamorization of it) The Scottsboro boys got into a fight with men on the train. White woman accused them of rape. This was 1931, during the heyday of lynching. Tried in Scotsboro AL. Found guilty and sentenced to death. Appeal made through several organizations. Tried again after Supreme Court decided they did not get due process. Found guilty again; sentenced to death again. None were ever executed but last Scottsboro boy released after 1950. Spent most of their lives in prison. Last one was pardoned by George Wallace.

Pres. Hoover’s Response to the Great Depression:
Hoover was classic capitalist. Grew up on farm, humble beginnings. His policies were not suited to the Great Depression. Never had a Great Depression before.
Being a classical capitalist, Hoover’s primary goal was to balance the budget. Supported institutions. Created reconstruction finance corporations to help support failing banks.
Had trouble balancing budget, so Hoover raised taxes. In response to raising taxes, Fed Reserve raised interest rates.
Servicemen, Vets of WWI, were supposed to receive a bonus in 1941. They wanted the bonus early due to the dire economic stress. Had a siting near the white house, Lafayette Park. Set up a tent city. Hoover called on MacArthur, Chief of Staff of the Army to remove the veterans. MacArthur burned the tents. Photos of American soldiers attacking American veterans took Hoover to his lowest point in popularity.
Keep in mind, no president ever experienced a depression like Hoover. FDR easily won the election.

FDR did not turn American society into socialism; he reformed American capitalism. When FDR came in, there was a run on the banks. So Roosevelt had a bank holiday (nobody can take their money out during the bank holiday), and passed emergency legislation that the government will support the banks.

21st Amendment repealed 19th amendment which enacted prohibition.
(18th gave woman right to vote, 20th changed dates of presidency from March to January.)

Frances Perkins: First woman appointed to Cabinet Post: She was Secretary of Labor.

Civilian Conservation core (CCC) Provided jobs supported national parks. Also provided military training for civilian personnel. Roosevelt especially liked this program: Supported Conservation and created jobs. Very popular New Deal program. Ended with WWII.

Centerpiece of New Deal was the National Industrial Recovery Act NIRA, which created an agency called the NRA.
Supreme unanimously court declared NIRA unconstitutional.

Huey Long:


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