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Posted in his122 by bnmng on 2010 10/18

annotated bibliography 5 resources,
Only from 2000 to present

Two search boxes (not really going to work for us)

Since we have strict params, better to bypass the front page search box

Tcc Library catalog
Circulating: Can checkout // Reference: Cannot checkout
Call Number: Write the entire number.
This library uses the Library of Congress system.

Two-part number after campus indicates owned/checked out.
Click on title to get more info and request.
Request this item link to have book transfered from other campusses. (takes 2 or three days). Cannot ship reference books.

Worldcat: home page “Find Books and More” link
Confusing on the LRC page becasue of two entries: Paid and Free.
Huge listing. Might not get book sent to us. To get a book shipped from a foreign library, ask at the front desk.

Peer Review Journal Article: Where professors and people who do research publish their findings. Articles are reviewed before published.

Best place for Peer Revewed article: Jstore.

Consortium cards: Ask for one at front desk. Gives you borrowing priveledges at other college libraries.


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