csc205 20110322 Notes

Posted in csc205 by bnmng on 2011 03/23

Read 6.1, 6.2
Chapter 5
5.2 Immediate Addressing
Trap Instructions

Need to study converting ands to ors
Need to study minimizations and karnogh maps.

Subtract binary by doing two’s complement and adding.

Patterns: Two Types.

Instruction Specifier: First eight bits.

.end has to be in every set. .end stops the assembly process.
.block sets aside an undefined block of memory.

Immediate Mode means operand is stored with the instruction.

Decimal in and Decimal Out read character in and translate into a number.

In assembly, 0x precedes hex numbers. Without 0x the default is decimal.

Assembly doesn’t create a null at the end of strings. Programmer has to put it there.

STRO changes the index register.

Pass I
Build Symbol Table
Symbol Value
Validate Opcodes
Pass II
Substitutes for symbols.

An assembler has a location counter.

Almost certainly on a test will be an assembly instruction and we’ll be asked to re-write the code as it would look after the first pass.


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