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Posted in phi101 by bnmng on 2011 03/28

If it’s true that humans have choice, that’s would be an anomaly for materialism.

Be open, but critical to paranormal evidence.

+Chapter 5
Is choice real? Could you actually have initiated an action that wasn’t pre-determined?
There are arguments that deny the possibility of free choice.
Materialism, naturalism, determinism.
In these fields choosing is a mental phenomenon
Naturalism: The universe is a closed system. Every event is caused by a previous event.
Determinism: Everything is determined by a prior event.
Materialism: Only matter and activities of matter are real.
Mechanistic Materialism = Determinism + Materialism = Every real event is a matter/energy event determined by a previous one.
incompatibalism: Free choice is incompatible with mechanistic materialism.
Soft Determinism/Compatibalism: Humans make choices but given all of the events and conditioning that has led to this moment, you couldn’t have performed different.
-End Chapter 5


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