csc210 20110413 Notes

Posted in csc210 by bnmng on 2011 04/13

Homework Monday and Wednesday, Lab 25th. Week 15 free.

Final, earliest possible Wed the 4th, during class time.
Program due during final exam.

Free class Wed 27, Monday May 2nd.

Read 18.2 – 18.6
Skip 18.3

Today, Test 3

Program: A simple linked list. You can modify Program 2’s linked list.

The node will look like this:

Name Field: These will be the names for our variables.
Count FIeld
Link Field

If it’s there, update the count. If not, add it.

The decision of whether or not to add a node should be in the main.

Hash Table:
0 __
1 __->__
2 __
3 __->__
4 __
can be an array of classes or pointers. Compilers don’t

Exception Handling using Try and Catch.

Page 837 illustrates levels of throws.

Next time: Recursion.


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