This blog is the vehicle through which I share my notes and information with my class mates (I don’t sound like 45-year-old geezer when I write “class mates”, do I?)

Yes, the geezer is going to school. Surrounded by kids as young as my daughter (who is also a student at TCC), all tapping away at little gadgets with their thumbs. And a few other old folks mixed in.

I am currently taking Eng111, CSC110, HIS121, and MTH173 at Tidewater Community College. My MTH173 class has it’s own discussion board, so this blog will center around the other classes.

I will attempt to make a blog entry, even if it’s blank, for each class-day, to allow for discussions even if I haven’t posted my notes.

Classmates and others are welcome to comment.

This blog is named after my TCC userid.

My main blog (and links to others) is


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