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Wed 8 10 to 11:30

Final exam Pt 2.
Paper has list of Concepts, grouped into twenty rows.
From each row, Instructor will choose one concept from each row.
On day of exam, student chooses 10 terms from instructor picked concepts.
Not ten sets of essay responses, but more than just a couple of sentences.

Next Required Attendance: Dec 8th at 10:am to 11:30.

Midterm Makeup Monday Dec 26.

Written #2 5:00 Day after tomorrow.


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Page format for Written Assignment #2

cover page (page 1)
five annotated bibs pages (pages 2 – 6)
references page (page 7)
five copies of title/cover/first (each source)
complete outline
backpage (a blank piece of paper)

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Written Assignment #2
Thursday 28th Final exam part 1 Early Submittion. 20 Bonus points
Monday 1st 10 Bonus Points
Wed November 3rd 5PM Due Date Final Exam Part 1
Deadlines pertaining to Written Assignment #2
Monday November 8th Five Sources Approval required for Oral Presentation Grade.
Monday November 15th Deadline for Five Sources w/o Oral Presentation Grade.
Monday November 29 12:30PM Early Submission Date
Wednesday December 1st actual due date.

Research Approval Params
True source of Student Library Research Sheet
Written list of sources in APA format.
Speech Evaluation Form (Only need name)

Oral due 17


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Written ass#2 is the last big push. Library Research.
Mr. Calhoun will be in the library from
M 1000 – 1300
T 0800 – 1100
W 1000 – 1300 AND 1800 – 2100
TH 0800 – 1100.

Will not be taking attendance.

5 Sources. Need 1 full page bib and summary for each source.
Reference Page
Copies of the title/cover for each source
Complete sentence outline (I to V)

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annotated bibliography 5 resources,
Only from 2000 to present

Two search boxes (not really going to work for us)

Since we have strict params, better to bypass the front page search box

Tcc Library catalog
Circulating: Can checkout // Reference: Cannot checkout
Call Number: Write the entire number.
This library uses the Library of Congress system.

Two-part number after campus indicates owned/checked out.
Click on title to get more info and request.
Request this item link to have book transfered from other campusses. (takes 2 or three days). Cannot ship reference books.

Worldcat: home page “Find Books and More” link
Confusing on the LRC page becasue of two entries: Paid and Free.
Huge listing. Might not get book sent to us. To get a book shipped from a foreign library, ask at the front desk.

Peer Review Journal Article: Where professors and people who do research publish their findings. Articles are reviewed before published.

Best place for Peer Revewed article: Jstore.

Consortium cards: Ask for one at front desk. Gives you borrowing priveledges at other college libraries.

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Monday October 11th Course Test #2/3 on Chapters 22 and 23

Wed Oct 13, Mid term Exam on 16 through 23

By Wed Oct 13 Course Test #3/4 on 24, 25, and 26 will be in Blackboard.
Make sure you submit a true copy.
True Copy: 12pt Typeface in Times New Roman.

October 18th 11:00 Meet in library
Turn In Course Test #3/4 by Monday 12:30 the 18th get 50 bonus points.

Course Test # 3/4 is due on a Wednesday October 20th

Will Rogers (“I never met a man I didn’t like”)
Befriended Celebs, Royalty, etc..
Started as a cowboy of Cherokee Descent.
Never had a college education. Had a dry sense of humor.
“I don’t belong to any organized party. I’m a Democrat”
From Oklahoma.
Ziegfeld Follies. Became a movie star. 20th Century films biggest movie star.
Beloved and mourned at times of death. Noted social critic of rich and powerful.
Despite very strong opinions, was genuinely liked by people of various backgrounds.

America in 1920’s: The Roaring 20’s.
For those who had money, there was more money to be had.
for those who didn’t have money: Credit!

Cause of crash, with stocks loosing value, people wanted their money back. But people had no money because all they had was credit.

By the time the depression hit, there was already a depression for a lot of people:
like Farmers;

John Maynard Keynes: People invest in the market for profit motive. If people are unable to make money from the marking, some other institution has to step in: The Government.

Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, was the rationalization for laissez fair economics.

Scottsboro boys. 9 black men riding on a boxcar during the depression. Riding the rails, during the depression, was a dangerous thing (despite Hollywood glamorization of it) The Scottsboro boys got into a fight with men on the train. White woman accused them of rape. This was 1931, during the heyday of lynching. Tried in Scotsboro AL. Found guilty and sentenced to death. Appeal made through several organizations. Tried again after Supreme Court decided they did not get due process. Found guilty again; sentenced to death again. None were ever executed but last Scottsboro boy released after 1950. Spent most of their lives in prison. Last one was pardoned by George Wallace.

Pres. Hoover’s Response to the Great Depression:
Hoover was classic capitalist. Grew up on farm, humble beginnings. His policies were not suited to the Great Depression. Never had a Great Depression before.
Being a classical capitalist, Hoover’s primary goal was to balance the budget. Supported institutions. Created reconstruction finance corporations to help support failing banks.
Had trouble balancing budget, so Hoover raised taxes. In response to raising taxes, Fed Reserve raised interest rates.
Servicemen, Vets of WWI, were supposed to receive a bonus in 1941. They wanted the bonus early due to the dire economic stress. Had a siting near the white house, Lafayette Park. Set up a tent city. Hoover called on MacArthur, Chief of Staff of the Army to remove the veterans. MacArthur burned the tents. Photos of American soldiers attacking American veterans took Hoover to his lowest point in popularity.
Keep in mind, no president ever experienced a depression like Hoover. FDR easily won the election.

FDR did not turn American society into socialism; he reformed American capitalism. When FDR came in, there was a run on the banks. So Roosevelt had a bank holiday (nobody can take their money out during the bank holiday), and passed emergency legislation that the government will support the banks.

21st Amendment repealed 19th amendment which enacted prohibition.
(18th gave woman right to vote, 20th changed dates of presidency from March to January.)

Frances Perkins: First woman appointed to Cabinet Post: She was Secretary of Labor.

Civilian Conservation core (CCC) Provided jobs supported national parks. Also provided military training for civilian personnel. Roosevelt especially liked this program: Supported Conservation and created jobs. Very popular New Deal program. Ended with WWII.

Centerpiece of New Deal was the National Industrial Recovery Act NIRA, which created an agency called the NRA.
Supreme unanimously court declared NIRA unconstitutional.

Huey Long:

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HW Test #3 due sixth.
Also test day.

Monday 11 review for mid-term.

Wed 13: Midterm Exam

Oct 18th Meet in Library for resource lecture. Need true copies of speech eval form. Just have name on speaker line.
Also on 18th: Need student library resource sheet

Course Test #3 will be in blackboard due Wednesday October 20.

Monday Nov 8th:

Topics for research should be specific.

Review for test:

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Today: Review course test #1/2.

Course test covers 16 through 21.
25 Multiple Choice, 5 True and False, A choice of 1 of 3 sets of Essay Questions which cover 19, 20 and 21.

1877 America’s first big business was railroads.

Horizontal/ Vertical Monopoly.
In a horizontal monopoly, an individual or group owns all of a certain process.
In a vertical monopoly, an individual or group owns all the processes of a certain industry.

laissez faire Government Hands-off of Business.

Grady: New South: Conversion of the South to an industrial economy.

Great herds were ended by a drought 1886 and a harsh winter in 1887.

In 1880 the big issue in labor was the eight hour workday.

What factors accounted for the obsession with race in the 1890’s?
Early 1890’s most immigrants from Western Europe. Primarily Irish.

Plessey vs Furgeson: “Separate but Equal”.

Benjamin Harrison: The Human Iceberg. Defeated for re-election because of the tarrif. Opposed integration of silver. Agreed with industry to let market control silver.

Free Silver: Circulate more silver into the economy so the price will go down.
Let the market do what it will to the price of silver. Reduce the cost of silver.

Chinese exclusion act. Kept most chinese from entering the US.

Eugenics Movement: Selective Breeding. Sterilization of retarted.

Boston Mariage: Lifelong attachments formed among professional woman who where unmarried.

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Westward Expansion:
Factors motivating expansion:
-Financial opportunity for Europeans. At the time of European discovery of America, classes were pretty much set. Similar situations occurred after easter American settlement. Westward expansion provided opportunities for wannabe land owners.
Manifest Destiny: US is intended to expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

1862: Morill Land Grant Act and Homestead Act encouraged settlement.

Although Lincoln lost the L/D debates, he became a national figure as a result of the debates. The notoriety that he received as a result won him the presidency. The South took Lincoln’s election as a signal that Lincoln would not support the South.

Note: Bacon’s rebellion was a catalyst for instituting slavery based on race.
Note: Spanish explorers wiped out indigenous populations
Note: Slavery in New England: Mostly household slaves, also manufacturing apprenticeships Slaves were equated with property rights. In the South: plantation operations. Most Southerners were not slave-owners.
Note: Eerie canal opened central America for expansion.

People didn’t move around much.

his122 Final Exam Part 1 Questions

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Directions: You are to answer these essay questions thoroughly, sequentially, and in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Final Examination, Part One must have at least five full pages of essay responses. Your essay responses are to be typewritten (without any BOLD print!), double spaced paginated in the upper right corner, with standard margins and typeface no larger than 12 point, in either Arial Narrow or Times New Roman font exclusively. They are to be submitted with a cover page (showing your name, course number section number, course title, the days, the hours, and the room where the class meets, the due date for the assignment, and the words “FINAL EXAMINATION, PART ONE: ESSAY RESPONSES” in capital letters in the center of the cover page) and a back page, with this Final Examination sheet serving as page two according to APA format. DO NOT RETYPE THESE QUESTIONS AND INCORPORATE THEM AS PART OF YOUR ESSAY RESPONSES!!! Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in the loss of one grade per occurrence. Failure to include your numbered, ORIGINAL copy of this Final Examination, Part One essay question sheet with your essay responses will result in an automatic grade of zero. Adulteration of ANY part of this Final Examination, Part One essay question sheet will result in an automatic grade of zero. Final Examination, Part One (cover page, Final Examination, Part One essay question sheet, the essay responses, and back page) is to be securely stabled on the upper left corner and submitted in my mailbox no later than Wednesday, 3 November 2010 by 5:00PM. ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSIONS, POSITIVELY NO EXCUSES, AND ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO ESSAY RESPONSE CLONES OF THIS FINAL EXAMINATION, PART ONE WILL BE CONSIDERED!!! GOOD LUCK, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!

1.Examine the demise of the “imperial presidency” based on events or practices in the Johnson and Nixon administrations. Critically assess President Nixon’s impact on American foreign policy. Discuss the advances made by the women’s liberation movement; explain the backlash against it. What were the sources and causes of America’s economic problems of the 1970’s?

2.Discuss the variety of ways that different interest groups contested environmental policy during the 1980s. Define Reaganomics; what was its impact on the American economy and society during the 1980’s? What was the “affluence gap?” Discuss its development and impact in American society during the 1980’s. What exactly was the Iran Contra Scandal? Elaborate.

3.Compare and contrast the legal dramas of Clarance Thomas and O.J. Simpson to examine the ways that both cases revealed tensions regarding race and gender relations in American society during the 1990s. Why was President Clinton impeached? Discuss the legacies of the 2000 election.

4.Discuss how American society has changed since the 11 September 2001 terror attacks. Describe the multiple meanings of the “West;” why have these definitions changed over time.