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Virginia has 13 congresspeople..

435 Members of the house Representatives.

Senator US for Legal resident of state. 9 years. 30 years old. Term is 6 years.

Legal resident of state you represent.

Delegate: Vote what the people want, Trustee, vote conscience.

Article 1 Sec 8 enumerated powers.

See differences between house and senate slide
Size/Term limits/Rules/Constituency/Policy Knowledge/ Prestige/ Power dist/

Budgets take about a year and a half. Resolutions: First is in May 15.


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Next week’s current event is on the SOTU Address. Extra credit: Post a question.

Unitary System.
Confederal System
Federal: Divides power between national and lower level governments.

Expressed Powers: Specific powers given to National gov’t. Other powers reserved for the states.

Devolution: Often applies to social welfare programs.

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Do not have to turn in homework unless the agenda states so.

Maintain order / Protecting property /

Britain wanted colonies for raising revenues to cover cost of french/indian war. Wanted to treat colonies as one unit.

85 Fed Papers.
Fed 10 and 51 provide an excellent view of Madison.

NJ Plan: Each State one vote.
VA Plan: Representation by population of state. (favored large states).
Great Compromise
3/5 Compromise

Madisonian Model: Separation of powers & Checks and balances.

Know the Seven Articles

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April 19″ FOIA assignment due

My assignment: Fed Paper #51

Focus: If asked what government is, be able to answer.